REFUGES / Médecins Sans Frontières Ces images racontent ce que sont l’exil et la migration. Ces intérieurs dessinent un univers mental : leurs traditions, leurs aspirations, leurs personnalités. Ils ne sont plus simplement migrants, mais commerçant, jeune adulte à peine sorti de l’enfance ou artiste mystique. Devant l’objectif du photographe, les « migrants » ou « réfugiés » – termes génériques qui nous font perdre de vue leur identité – ne sont plus des silhouettes marchant dans la boue au milieu des tentes, mais des visages qui nous regardent... Surtout, ces clichés disent l’étonnante capacité de l’humain, qu’il soit nomade ou sédentaire, à habiter le lieu où il vit, même pour un temps court, même une cabane ou une Calais.
Prix 2016 de l'Académie de Beaux Arts
REFUGES / Doctors Without Borders These images show the interior spaces of makeshift shelters in France and Greece in the refugees camps or in the "Jungle" in the town of Calais. These men and women have recreated a home, with souvenirs from their former life, objects that improve their everyday lives or express their most important dreams, like the Union Jack displayed on a shack wall in Calais. These images portray exile and migration. They tell us about these men and women who are searching for a better future, about their aspirations and personalities. Most of the makeshift accommodation photographed no longer exists, destroyed in particular during the Calais jungle eviction. Only these images remain, troubling proof of a brief stay, an important stage in singular lives.
Académie des Beaux-Arts Award 2016 A2 ENG - Light-17 copie_v2.jpg

Abas, 32 years old; Melina, one month old; and Soad; 28 years old, are from Iraqi Kurdistan
Abas and Soad are Kurds. They fled the war in Iraq hoping to make it to Great Britain before Melina was born. But the couple came across dishonest smugglers who took all their savings without helping them to cross. For more than a year, Abas and Soad have been stuck in Grande-Synthe with no money, but they still try to cross. Soad gave birth in Dunkirk and volunteers gave her a cradle. Abas hopes that because of the Brexit, the British government will allow migrants to cross the Channel.
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